During the initial stages of courtship and even a little after dating,or what most people nowadays refer to as the honeymoon phase,there’s usually a lot of effort from both parties put into that relationship.

I strongly believe it’s due to the newness of the relationship which brings along excitement and therefore both parties can’t wait to text each other or just simply check up on one another.

What happens after the initial stage is up and now both parties are fond of each other,the excitement wears off.If a strong foundation wasn’t built during the courtship period,most couples tend to split when there’s no more excitement.

The mistake we make when we get used to our partners,is usually withdrawal of all efforts that were put into the relationship or acting indifferently towards our partners and this makes them question the need for the relationship going foward.

To overthinkers and people with an anxious attachment style,it’s usually difficult for them to come into terms with what exactly happened and where they could have gone wrong so as to try and bring back the initial spark.

All this usually is because the one partner is not sure where the relationship is headed while the other is not helping the situation at all, since one day they are cold and the next they act hot.

Falling in love is a process and for some people it could be faster while it could also take time for others.It all differs. Having said that,after the honeymoon phase is over,there are partners who realize that they no longer want that particular relationship and this is due to their own reasoning.

Instead of just being honest about how they feel,they may opt to follow the cowardly route and since they also want to keep you around,you’ll receive the hot and cold treatment or simply the mixed signals.

Actually,they do this so perfectly by giving you just enough attention to keep you around which is torture for you since you’re not certain whether to continue pursuing the relationship or just letting it go.For the sake of your sanity and to avoid the wrath of an unstable relationship,take mixed signals as a no.

Handling rejection can be tough because you’re in actual shock that someone doesn’t want you but it’s also good because sometimes the people we want aren’t the people we really deserve.Don’t take this as consolation because it’s true.We sometimes want people who aren’t good for us by every way and therefore their rejection in a way is sort of a blessing in disguise.

Effort is a direct reflection of interest.Always remember that.


Absolutely not!Why wait around for someone who is giving you mixed signals?Already that’s an indication of how much he or she values you and from the look of things it isn’t enough to warrant a serious relationship.

So,suppose you wait around with the hopes of he or she wasn’t ready and it’s just a matter of time until they come back to their senses only for them to choose someone else over you?

How will that make you feel?Do you even have the mental capacity to process all that in a positive manner?That is if there will be any room for positivity left?Wait,how about your esteem?

Even the strangest of people get to their breaking point and therefore no matter how strong you are or think you are,this could take a huge toll on you.Guard your heart by moving on rather than waiting on someone who isn’t sure about you.

If roles were reversed,ask yourself if they would wait for you.If the answer to that is yes,then maybe…just maybe you can reconsider but even with that,i’d be careful.


If the energy isn’t being matched or reciprocated,i’d not say you end the relationship or situationship whichever you’re in,but for the sake of not getting hurt,or easing the damage,take it slow and even take an extra step to re-evaluate the whole thing.

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