Is it just me or is anyone else in their early twenties feeling a little lost?Lost is infact an understatement.There’s this feeling of being anxious mostly because there’s pressure from your guardians,friends and to top it all,from yourself.

Wait!I almost missed one..The “social media pressure”.Right, left and center there’s this constant reminder of how you should do things differently in order to suit everyone.

Every generation is different but i consider this one a “cocktail” with ingredients being a mixture of nepotism,Jealousy and bribery.Having said that,getting a job has become a nightmare for us young people.

Left with no choice but to ask for help from those with “experience”,you get hit with the famous swahili word “jitume nanii,hii maisha ni kujituma”(to mean,get out here and work hard)and i mean really hard.

What makes this funny in a sad way is how they reasonate.How are you expected to come up with the capital to start your own business?.That’s where all this pressure comes in and along with it desperation.You at least need a good foundation to even get your business up and running.

Being in my early 20’s and about to graduate,there’s a lot going on my mind.One of them being my career.Yes,I’m positive i’ll find employment that is if things go as planned but then again what if the opposite happens.

Do i have a plan B?Honestly,i wish i could answer that without hesitating but I’m afraid not.I’ve already started feeling the heat even before officially being pronounced a graduand.

Let’s take a trip back to the positive route.Assuming i get employed ,will one source of income house,cloth and feed me?Will it do the same for you?Keep in mind the high taxation rate. You’ll definitely have to find a side hustle besides your main hustle if you get what i mean.

I tend to overthink but that’s a conversation most of us shy away from putting out here.Once parents or those catering for our fees take us to school,they in turn expect us to help them once we’re out of school.They don’t have to say it loud,but that’s just a matter of common sense.

Don’t you feel the pressure already and the anxiety of not living up to their expectations?Cause i do for sure.It bugs me from time to time especially because of the uncertainty that tomorrow holds.

Maybe for men it’s different but i’ll tell our side as women or ladies however you want to call us.Um,,,it’s indeed different for them now that i recall.The difference though is in the time range.

We’re being pressured to find someone from age 25 and i mean a serious spouse.Have people ever considered that it could be some lady’s desire to get married at age thirty?

I mean,if men can be excused till their thirties ladies shouldn’t be an exception either.That’s why our generation has become the “baby mama” “baby daddy” type due to the societal pressure.At this rate,i foresee contractual marriages or even no marriages in future.

Earlier on i mentioned about self pressure.This mostly usually comes in form of anxiety based on those around you.I’ve seen it first hand when a close friend basically got ill mostly because those around her were doing well or “seemed” to while she was the only one lagging behind.

Would i blame her?Ofcourse not.If in such a situation i would probably feel the same way except the getting sick part.How would you feel if those around you are all doing good and you feel like you’re pulling them behind in terms of success?Probably terrible.

With that,you kinda pressure yourself to work hard if not smart so as to be at par with them.Some people do crazy things so as not to be seen as failures whereas mostly that’s not usually the case.

It’s good to note that we all thrive differently and sometimes their success could come slightly before yours but eventually you will succeed as well. It’s more of delayed success.

Here’s a message to young people and especially those in their early 20’s;

If you’re in the early 20’s i believe it’s a time to discover yourself,get to know what you want in life without having to feel any sort of pressure.This is a time to change careers if you have to,fall in and out of love,travel if you can and above all LIVE.

There will come a time where you’ll automatically switch up without anybody having to tell you so.For now,yes you might be lost like i am,but you still have time to figure it out.Let’s take this time to know ourselves,what works for us and what doesn’t but with our eyes wide open.

Having said this?feeling lost sometimes if not all the times is part of our paths.In this case,your path.Therefore,do not at all try to avoid it.Eventually everything will work out as it’s supposed to.

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